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Who we give to

At Northwest Passage Apparel, our philosophy draws strength from its namesake — the historically treacherous and untamed sea route that winds through the Arctic Ocean — and seeks both to celebrate and help navigate the spirit of adventure as it plays out in the wilderness of the world before us.

For you, this means we work hard to provide quality, unique apparel at reasonable prices. For us, it means ensuring that a portion of all sales go towards causes that are helping make a difference both here and abroad.


One of the largest humanitarian disasters in modern times is currently unfolding in Syria as millions of people have been forced from their homes due to civil war and lack access to food, water, and shelter. For this reason, a percentage of all our profits will also go to Syrian refugee relief and development efforts as her people continue to look for a glimmer of hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Thank you for helping us achieve these goals.

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